Apple is estimated to have a teenager; Appears to timeframe

It is expected that Apple Tambson's teenager Apple will be rewarding Apple after he has been able to go. See a gap in TimeTime, based on The Verge's tech news site.

Apple's response to his 14-year-old boy and Michelle's boy warned slowly but the company now wants a student at Catalina Fothel High School in Arizona to find out what a & # 39; allows users to hear about the phone they were in; Try to talk even before responding. Call.

Grant took the problem on January 20 and attempted his mother to give Apple a warning week, but without a result.

The site learned that Apple would give a Tambson family award as well as an additional gift for the teaching fees cover for Grant, show the value of the Heptin.

Apple is released Thursday iOS 12.1.4 updated to resolve the TimeTime gap.

The company started to & # 39; Taking researchers' pensions as a result of three yearly factual gaps, but experts are unhappy to help Apple in security issues, according to the "Virgin".

Apple offers cash prizes of up to $ 200,000 for security researchers that Finding gaps or weaknesses, but it could have difficulty or relief elsewhere to be more profitable, according to The Verg.

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