Arab states decide not to work for the United Nations against the Trump solution on Golan Top

Arab nations have met by the United Nations to discuss the recognition of US President of Donald Trump about making contact with Israel about Golan Heights, without any decision to be made in relation to an appeal t was admitted to the US movement.

Foreign Minister Tunisian Khamis al-Jahnawi said that at this time there was no immediate need for a wider action to confirm the motion of the DA's Motions asking Israel to withdraw from the Golan surface.

"The Security Council has already embraced the mission," Jahnawi said to reporters, referring to Mission 497 from 1981, which stated that any unity would exist with Israel.

When asked about his potential for a new mission, he replied: "This decision is clear that this is an area where people live in Israel and it must be freed, so I need not proceed now. "

Arab Ambassador Majid Abdel Aziz said the US decision would be debated at a meeting between the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Arab ministers in Moscow next week. T

At an Arab League summit in Tunis last month, Arab leaders challenged the US decision to identify Israel's link with Golan Heights, after Trump's decision in 2017 to recognize Jerusalem as a capital of Israel.

Syria was not present at the top because her membership has yet to come in the League of Arab States since 2011. t

At a meeting of the Security Council last year when Syria was asked, the Trump decision was criticized as a violation of international law as interpreted in the United Nations intentions.

The other four permanent members of the Council – Britain, China, France and Russia – confirmed that they would continue to focus on the Golan as the Arab state of Israel.

After the Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a group of Arab states confused a draft decision to the transfer to the General Assembly which won a great deal of support.

The US decision to recognize the Golan as Israel's country comes at a time when the European and Arab countries who are waiting for Washington's proposals to plan the peace in the Middle East are waiting.

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