Bella Iron has ever been the most spectacular … Big movie and helmet style!

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

The United States State of the United States hosts the autumn / Winter 2019 fashion festival, and Japanese photographer Tomo Koizumi launched a Fashion Week with a special fashion collection that we have never done before, inspired with large and colorful flowers.

Among the participating modules, "Bella Hadid", who stopped the march stage with one of the most spectacular performances in the history of the professional, Vstdlt on her body, thin dress, great style kashak, mint royal blue and green and phosphorus green.

Together with the exhibition, Gigi Iron's sister added an extraordinary addition to her unusual appearance, her style of hair, with a natural wear and a tall, dark black sea.

Tomo Koizumi, who was participating in another model, Emily Rattagkowski, took part on Friday night, also dressing clothes with the same Beila dress as a dress, but not as big as white. Cliabh.

The typical face of the game is a Game of Thrones star, a 40 year old actress. Bringing the biggest dress in the display, far behind and collecting 7 colors at the same time.

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