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Brabas from 2018 million dinars

«Center»: profit 2.2 million dinars 2018

Proposed for 4 fils to be distributed in cash

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The Kuwait Financial Center (Markaz) identified its financial results for the year 2018, with a total income of 15.3 million dinars, compared with 15.4 per cent in 2017, driven by a strong performance of banking business museum.
Increased salary income, management fees and banking services increased by 22 per cent over the next year to reach KD 8.93 million, The total profit of the sections is 2.29 million dinars at 5 fils per section for 2018 with a 15 per cent edge. It's 4 pounds per share.
Chairman of the Board, Drar Yousuf Al Ghanim, said that biological backgrounds have never been before in 2018, that the Center has achieved better performance through its investment assets in investment and banking .
He said that the challenges in the economic environment have had a significant impact on confidence in the estate sector in the GCC countries but Kuwait, where the Center challenged the challenges without by going to & # 39; proactive measures in the form of distribution and precautionary initiatives to improve business efficiency, including the use of technology to a greater extent, and improve the procedures and processes in the & # 39; its proprietary airport, to strengthen the main investment and the results.
Al-Ghanim reported that Al Markaz achieved a robust and consistent achievement through the 2018 plan of its diverse investment policy regarding investment results and property allocation.
Asset management fees rise to 7.21 million dinars with 9.5 per cent, and banking tax rises to 1.72 million dinars, up to 140 per cent from 2017.
Income from major investments reached 6.43 million dinars in 2018, a 20.2 percent decline since 2017, due to salaries lower than expectations, from cash, settlement securities and equality.
By the end of December 2018, the stock rose by 6.4 percent to 1.09 billion dinars.
Al-Ghanim identified that global equality markets had crash campaigns by the end of 2018, with Standard & Poor's 500% falling by 6.2%.
This comes at a time when the emerging markets saw a huge decline compared to the 2016 highs. However, the results resulted in stock markets. Chamais in 2018, with the MSCI GCC index index rising by 12 per cent in 2018.
Al-Ghanim said that this event opposed a 20% back back to Qatar, and after Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia yielded 11.7% and 8.3% respectively, while market industry Dubai and the Omani market decreased by 24.9% and 15.2%, respectively.
For Kuwaiti market, the general index rose by 9.9 per cent, and the 1.9 per cent main auditor, and # 39; Returning a total index to 5.2 per cent.
Al-Ghanim pointed out that the global financial markets still have a huge emphasis on the rise in geo-regulatory issues and how defensive trading policies, and their economies, are # 39 ; contribute to increasing these problems by focusing on low levels of GDP growth in many developed markets and who are experiencing emerging.
He said that the management team still has to meet the needs of its customers and investors from venues and individuals, and giving them informed advice.

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