Causes of high blood pressure and how to stop it

Blood pressure is a measure of blood blood that moves towards the walls of blood that is pulled through the body. So by showing atherosclerosis, kidney failure, heart disease and stroke are failures.

What is normal blood pressure?
Reading pressure is written like this: 80/120. And read 120 to 80 and they named the upper number of the contraction and the base is diastolic and the dimensions are equal between the following: t

– Standard: less than 120 on 80 (80/120) t

– High: 129-120 / less than 80.

– Level 1 high blood pressure: 130-139 / 80-89

– Level 2 high blood pressure: 140 above / 90 and above.

– The major situation involving high blood pressure: to be higher than 180 / higher than 120 In this case the doctor should be visited immediately.

If your blood pressure is above the threshold, speak to your doctor about how to reduce it.

What causes high blood pressure?
The exact reasons for high blood pressure are not known clearly, but there are a number of reasons why you could participate in the event: t

– Smoking.

Obesity and overweight.

– Lack of physical activity.

– Using too much salt in your food.

– Add too much alcohol.

– Tension.

– Aging.

Genetic properties.


– high blood pressure in the family's health history.

– Disease disease.

Thyroid diseases.

Apnea sleep.

A primary school positive message
While primary schooling is largely ambiguous, it is associated with some specific risk factors, where high blood pressure occurs within the family, and more likely to be affected. men and women should be played.

How do you stop high blood pressure in natural ways?
Life-style has an important part to play in managing high blood pressure if someone can control blood pressure through a healthy lifestyle, to enable one to delay, delay or delay t reduce the need for medicine.

The most important methods of prevention are:
Loss of weight and line.

2. exercise regularly.

3 – healthy eating, here are some important recommendations about this issue:
– Keep a daily diary of your food.

– Increase the amount of potassium in food as it works to reduce the effects of sodium on blood pressure, and the best pot of potassium found in fruit and vegetables.

Salt salt in your food.

5. Stop smoking.

6. Reduce the amount of caffeine.

7. Reduction in weight. T

8. Record blood pressure reading from the home and visit your doctor regularly.

9. Get support from family and friends.

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