Cost of dollar in Egypt on Tuesday 9 / 4-2019 in Egyptian bank circulation

The price of dollar in Egypt today, Where we are reviewing standards of exchange with you Toll against Egypt's PoundAccording to today's latest exchange rates in Egyptian bank banks, the US dollar is the first money in an international trade sector, and controls big currency prices. US and price rates for a great deal of goods within Egypt's market.

The Egyptian government has decided to release the currency exchange rate for the Egyptian pound, about two years in 2016, causing an increase in the dollar price in Egypt. more than 200% of the previous trading price before the decision to release the exchange rate, Between 8 and 9 pounds in exchange for one US dollar.

The current customs prices are in Egypt

The US currency market sees a little stability, from a long time extending to around two weeks, where it has been stable. Cost of tolls in Egyptian banks Against Egypt, today it was no longer a bank in every bank as a reserve of 18 pounds per dollar, and it was no longer in the bank of silver. The price of dollar in Egypt today According to the following table

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Bank of Egypt The price of buying dollars against Egypt The Dollar is selling against Egypt's Pound
Central Bank of Egypt 17.2742 17.3742
National Bank of Egypt 17.26 17.36
Bank of Egypt 17.26 17.36
Bank of Alexandria 17.26 17.36
International Commercial Bank 17.26 17.36
Abu Dhabi Bank 17.29 17.38
Audi Bank 17.28 17.38

What was the dollar in Egypt in the future

As a result of a number of Egyptian government economic reforms over the past period, most of the estimates are for market price sales and purchases of green paper estimates Egyptian shows Egypt's comparative stability in the short-term. The low price indicators are the toll in Egypt, with the continuation of reforms and the result of some economic projects that have been established in recent years.

The USA's currency improved in Egypt today

A situation of comparative stability is still largely evident in the dollar's exchange rate, in the banking market, an Egypt pound still retains some of the recent gains made against US money. t

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