Dammam opens his arms to "International Boats" .. And it is a victory for 18 drivers

Dammam opens its arms to

Dammam – Ali al-Haddadi

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The Saudi Sea Sports Alliance have announced that all procurement provisions and technical arrangements for the first tour will be completed and an opening of the F1H2O World Championship 2019 will be held and ready for new offshore facilities for the qualifying rounds. T Start a Grand Prix, which starts on Saturday 30 March 2019.
The team confirmed that the teams arrived at Dammam, which represented 9 teams and 18 drivers, along with technical staff and auxiliary staff from 11 countries. The teams were named after the Saudi Grand Prix for Formula 1 Race: Abu Dhabi Team, Impact Team, Shenzhen Shenzhen, China, F-1 Atlantic, Sharjah, Amaravati, Plaza Performance, Emirates Racing, Maverick F1.
Prince Sultan bin Fahad bin Salman, Chairman of the Federation of Sports and Saudi David, thanked the Guardian of the two Saints, Salman bin Abdulaziz and the Crown, Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their support for sea sports. The event contributes to the promotion of Saudi Arabia as a major international sporting destination and as an important player in the international sports community.
He said the event would be a platform for the introduction of Saudis into water sports and that the Commission is currently developing marine sports infrastructure.
There is a rivalry between the teams when the Grand Grand Prix is ​​put into practice. Each team must take part in eight of the ten Grand Prix events in one season, and the number of points made by a cyclist will increase the overall competitiveness of the competitors in the global competition.
The three-stage tournament will take place in 60 minutes, and the Grand Prix will take place in 45 minutes of 60 minutes and the competitors will go through a number of levels during the competitors. Appropriate Visit Qualifiers: Q1, Q2 and Q3. The preparatory round will be held before each competition. Grand Prix. Recent time participants record each boat's performance to confirm the final stage and starting point.
Each race is different but it is usually within 2,000 meters. Each site includes at least one long straight route with a steep spindle, the majority on the left with a curve or two turns to the right, and times causing 4.5 on the driver, which means that the weight is 4.5 times when the boat is circulated quickly To turn back at a speed greater than 160 km / h.

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