Didn't he want to entice people to vote to vote on another day rather than on Sundays?

Al-Jumhouriya wrote a newspaper: "The Lebanon who believes in the necessity of the electoral process should be following the democratic route of voters of Lebanon, especially the Maronites, who have been rooted in the forefront of voting. T in the city of Fai in the cities.

In response, the current minister and assistant deputy, Jean Obeid, the official representative of the city community, gave their understanding and support of their situation. In a move to support the electorate t opposed the complaint: "Was it necessary at a time when the doctrines and the various seats and religions, rather than trying to understand it, were it necessary to be a polling day? t Palm in the Catholic communities, including the Maronites? Is the state very rich in religious calling to celebrate the sun's festival to return to vote by their families today?

"The first and the biggest and most important thing is to attract the election to the next day, rather than the palm-tree feast," he said, "demonstrates the presence of" the Christian voter, "he said. T If there were no more than 1500 votes in the city, taking part in the voting process remains the moral process, not a numerical figure. "Note that it is a sacred day after that. It's the first day of April, which falls on Sunday today, starting on the first Friday of the difficult day for the West calendar communities.

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