Do we always end cancer?

Scientists at Salford University have discovered what they believe as the cells that depend on all other cancer cells, or the emerging cells that cause cancer to all.

According to the researchers, the results of the sciences showed the cancer-dependent cell, which describes their foundations as "someone who finds a needle in grassy steel".

Researchers hope to transcribe the medical history of cancer growth and believe that it can be a major hit on current cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, the Daily Mail statement.

In the laboratory, scientists Professor Salford Michael Lizanti examined two samples of chronic cancer and used a colored collar to extract the most active cells that were removed from the samples.

Scientists noted that very few cells, known as "current cancer cells", have more card than those who have their ability to create, distribute and re-use towers fast-moving.
It is not yet clear how disgusting cells can break out of normal cells, but are connected to a & # 39; grow older and cause closer cells to death.

"We need to click on the reset button, like the computer, to show how cancer patients help us with drugs," said Michael Lisante, in the study published in the Pathology magazine.

"Scientists talk about cancer because it is caused by death cells that come back to life or on the zombie engines. But now we are & # 39; see that it is more dramatic than that, and, in fact, it is possible to escape from the jail & # 39; for more accuracy. In other words, the original cell is separated from a general cell line, and then causing disturbance and anarchy. Strange cells will increasingly grow and tumble. "

He warned that some chemotherapy might be toggle cells to make more cells and cause the spread of a tower.

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