Egypt has achieved performance in growth and unemployment reduction

Head of the Liberal Chambers Federation, Mohamed Choucair, said that the Egyptians have achieved economic performance in registration time, to a large extent, the level of exchange level consistency, unemployment, increasing the level of growth, and # 39; attracting more investments and dealing with infrastructure, especially the electricity problem, stating that the stability of Egypt is a " Increasing the balance in the Middle East South West

This came in a lecture delivered on behalf of Saad Hariri, Prime Minister Lebanon, at the "Egyptian Libanus" Business Forum, which was launched today in Beirut under the care of Saad Hariri and with the involvement of ministers Able from Egypt and Lebanon. In collaboration with the Economic and Business Agency in collaboration with the two business companies of both countries, the Embassy of Egypt in Lebanon and the Ambasaid Commercial Representative Office.

He also said that the Egyptian-Lebanese Business forum in her fourth session is her; reinforce the strong desire of the private sector of both countries to achieve adult jumping, which needs them to be used to come up with recommendations and work to achieve their performance.

"In Lebanon, our crisis is about creating a government. When it is created, we will have the commitment to establish a $ 12 billion infrastructure to establish oil and gas projects," he said.

He said the forum is an opportunity to benefit the private sector from the promising opportunities in both countries.

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