Examination: High-density vitamin D doses can lead to failure of the kidney failure

A recent scientific study by US researchers has identified the dangers of taking too much vitamin D.

A 54-year-old man, returning from a trip to South-east Asia, spent most of his holidays in sunshine and raised levels of creatinine, showing renal damage. or bad work, according to the Daily Mail website.

After being sent to a renal specialist and another test, he discovered that he had taken large doses of vitamin D, which were described by a neurosurgeon who suggested the D000 8000-12000 D vitamin supplement. and over two and a half years had a history of bone loss or lack of vitamin D, resulting in very high levels of calcium in the blood, causing damage to kidney disease.

"Although vitamin D poisoning is rare due to the huge medicinal range, it is possible that there is a high chance of variation in different disorders without the need for serious harm," said the gentleman. T Dr. Information ".

He said the dose recommended for 400-1000 IU, with 800-2000 IU recommended for adults at risk of osteoporosis and older people.

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