Gabriel: Arab countries take half of the world's refugees

Secretary General of the Secretary to the Arab Ahmed said the Arab development process has left behind in some countries where their cities have been destroyed and badly damaged and their population lost out t came.

Aboul delivered a speech at the opening of the Economic and Social Council at the preliminary stage of the minister held in the Arab Arab state in Tunis at the 30th session that the Arab countries were today neglecting. luck as part of the world's half refugees.

Aboul (Big Hero) said: "The Bacteria of the Mutiny" Despite the strongest views of a terrorist organization, the villains are still empty in Arabic societies. "

Aboul said a meeting with Sputnik said “the Arab countries are only challenging to radical challenges to bring the young minds into our minds and the spirit of the country. "

Aboul Gheit said the power of Arab economies, which are represented by their young societies, is not yet fully utilized, lost and lost in some cases, and suggests that it does hundreds of thousands of initiatives and programs into this strength.

Abul-Ghetata said that a meeting of the permanent representatives preparing for the summit, which was held yesterday, reached the drafts of one of the regular and developmental, economic and social summits. For a development summit in Mauritania in 2023.

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