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Geological evidence of a Mars network in Mars!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Screenshots captured by US and European surveys showed that Mars had a lot of lakes in previously underwater water networks, scientists said. Data from NASA and the European Association of Europe (ESA) showed their first geological evidence of a submerged underwater network under Mars, according to a survey by researchers in Italy and the Netherlands, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research Friday. "The results confirm proofs in advance," said Francisco Salizi, one of the sciences involved in the survey, by e-mail. Marsh under the Mars may have been tied. Mars's idea on water has begun to start long scientists because the Red Planet has been in a similar situation with those who put an order on life on Earth. But Jack Mostard, a geology professor at the University of Brind, who does not participate in the study, ask what he said. He said he did not see evidence about how Mars was under Mars's surface in the data, but he said, "But I may just have left on Mars"

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