"Give a book. Free Prisoner" .. Books behind bars

In recent years, a number of cultural prison projects have been launched by artists and cultural entrepreneurs in a number of Arab countries, such as Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan, through drama and music shows in prisons or prisoner involvement after training in acting or working for re-establishment into the society.

Many of these actions in the context of the review and the development of the criminal system did not come, but aimed to confirm that the prisoner is a citizen and has several rights, that is his duty to have access Getting to know the latest knowledge and a variety of strategies that could be put into prison.

The "Book Book" campaign is a "prisoner salvage" one of the campaigns launched in Morocco this year, and co-ordinator, journalist Mustafa Hasnawi, to book delivered by libraries and individuals for all prisons in the country, which are free from one book.

Enterprise PosterThe same idea was submitted in Tunisia in 2016 under the swogs "A prisoner has to read," where books were distributed, including poetry, novels and magazines, with books and references for students who were imprisoned so that they can continue with education. To set up a library in each jail.

But most of these initiatives ended up by going to # 39; discharging books in prisons without refusing to refresh and expose; continue their changes, as if they were designed only to promote media and provide a positive picture of prison prisons and overseas prisoners.

In his speech to "The New Arab", Al-Hasnawi describes the campaign as "young and independent and does not benefit any party. It was launched for book collection and release them to prisoners to see and raise awareness and enhance their integration. Book … free prisoner. "Books compiled by the campaign

The author of the book "Prisons and Ashgans … Stories from the back of the bars" has been estimated almost three years ago and has been suspended until recently sentenced to imprisonment & 39; ask him to buy books and send him to his family, With the help of volunteer volunteers, classification and book distribution.

He said: "There are a number of volunteer volunteers, over 50 volunteers are distributed among around thirty cities, their work is to collect books and take them from donors, "says the volume of books collected is over three thousand books, saying:" The campaign will continue to expand a month, and then coordinate with a prison commission, with full- respect for the laws and standards that the commission accepts, regarding the books that are allowed to enter into prisons. "

The first phase of the campaign is to achieve the books successfully, according to Hasnawi, to start the second phase of the collection of titles and order according to topics and subjects, and then the third phase of delivery to prisoner.

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