"Google" prevents bad health claims for "Android" images; stealing

The technology site, Trend Micro, has featured 29 complex applications that are included in the official Google Play source, and all have been referred to as "camera camera" applications. Since then, Google has gone away with those applications.

The design apps have implemented a number of incredible actions on Android devices that have been installed. Some of the promotional bullying bids will complete the script with fraud content or by; use the content every time the user opens the device.

Other applications re-direct users to phone sites that are going to; trying to steal their personal information. Sometimes attempts were made to steal email numbers or users.

Trend Micro says even legal content, such as pornographic material, has been encouraged by these submissions as part of a scam.

In another group of beauty applications, its company found that there were some image distribution requests that have been prompted by users' images; the beauty of images stealing, so the demand would increase the user's profile to the private server. Instead of & # 39; Provide a scanned copy of the image, With a breakdown message telling them they need to update the app.

The company believes that the stolen images are used for other harmful actions, such as true account images in communication sites.

In total, 29 malicious claims were downloaded over 4 million times. Three of these applications only represent over 3 million downloads.

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