I stood cancer because of a new diet. What does it involve?

Architect Eva Perath, 62, of Gothenburg, Sweden, has made changes to the whole body shape with bodybuilding and has changed her diet by eating more than one meat day, to her recovery from colorectal cancer, the Daily Mail today.

Eva started with professional bodybuilding at the age of 40 and followed a small carbohydrate food with high carbohydrates, which usually included chicken, rice and protein drinks.

It was recognized by Eva that colorectal cancer was in 2017 and he got an operation to remove the box from about 12 inches from the colon.

Eva has been continuing to eat meat for a year and says she has been treating cancer, because her diet is free from sugar and stalking, and some say that she has been diagnosed with cancer. help cancer cells and improve and have more energy.. “Cancer cells live outside sugar, so having to avoid everything with sugar and stalking helps to avoid new cancer cells,” said Eva.

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