Including eye protection … 5 Amazing benefits for broccoli

You can not think about the health benefits of broccoli for the body. These green vegetables can protect their heart and respiratory system and other benefits:

Confirming animals and minerals for their bodies
Brocoli includes fiber, rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and others. It is also rich in animals such as vitamin C, vitim B9 and vitamin K. Broccoli is rich in water and offers to & flowing to the bodies.

Reasonable system
Broccoli is preserving anti-inflammatory properties at the respiratory, help reduce the damage caused by external pollution, smoke cigarettes, and others.

Cancer prevention
Broccoli is an effective tool in the prevention of chronic cancer in women and brutal cancer in men.

Protection protection
Broccoli contains antioxidants, which are the leading vision of guaranty.

Avoid heart disease
Procoli is able to prevent the prevention of cardiovascular illness. It also helps to & # 39; reducing cholesterol levels.

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