Information you are not aware of the connection between its & # 39; Queen Elizabeth and her husband … she does not hold her hand in public and she did not have her. their wedding properly


There is a lot of information about the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and King Philip for more than 70 years, especially the failure of Elizabeth's parents to agree to their marriage, according to a report published by the List .

Time magazine said that Elizabeth's father did not agree to choose Philip's daughter, because he was worried about the British people's opinion about the marriage of his daughter to the Greek prince.

In other words, due to their marriage, Philip needed to make some changes, including his / her. get British citizenship.

His family was not allowed to attend his wedding, including his three daughters, who married German men. Queen Elizabeth's father did not answer Phillip's request to marry her until she reached the age of 21.

In terms of his wedding, he was not very quick. At that time Britain was trying to get strength after World War II, and then Queen Queen used their share cards to cover the cost of wedding dress. As well as sending other government cards there are 200 cards.

After their marriage, they lived in a separate room after they moved to Clarence House in London in 1949. As their cousin Pamela Mountainbun said: "No one needs Do not worry the other by spinning or turning around, Freedom for each one to go to the rest when he wants. "

Prince Philip was not crowned by her; Queen Elizabeth when she became the queen officially, but remained the Duke of Edinburgh until being crowned in 1953 until 1957 when an official decision was announced to announce the Prince.

Finally, we note that, when they have married, the party did not appear to the # 39; public and hold hands on each other.

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