Iran refuses to accept the costs in the Tunis conference to engage with the affairs of the Arab countries and to confirm its entitlement to the three islands.

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Iran said he had agreed to the statements made by some Arab officers over the Arab conference in Tunis, which had been sent to Iran in Arab countries, claiming sovereignty over the three islands claimed by the UAE, and Arab support for Syria's right in the Golan plain.

Tehran – Sputnik. "In addition to the allegations of a small number of Arab League members, who unfortunately see an unstable and misleading approach to his Iranian enemies, and protests against them are illegal. Islamic Republic, a statement by the Honorary Speaker of the Foreign, Bahram Qasimi, today the leaders of the Arab countries have been more positive on the previous summits.

The statement continued, "We reject strongly the false allegations made about how our country has dealt with the affairs of the Arab countries."

"We strongly oppose the allegations made about the three islands of Iran … We confirm that these islands are an inevitable part of the boundaries and sovereignty of Iran, and that they will not t "repetition of these effects will have an impact on their legal status as these islands belong to Iran," he said.

He continued, "We are considering the Arab Union support for the inclusion of the Syrian Golan and the unity and regional integrity of something cynical and hopeful, but enough for the lack of an American and union president. T Fox, "as he put it.

The final statement of the 30th Arab Collection held in the Tunisian capital confirmed that the relationship between Arab countries and Iran is based on good neighborliness and understanding.

"Cooperation between Arab and the Iran is based on good neighborliness, infertility, inequality or the threat of energy use in accordance with international law, and absenteeism within the UK. T confidence building confidence, "said Foreign Minister Tunisian Khamis Al-Jahnawi on Sunday (31 March). , And sustainability. "

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