Jerusalem News Agency – Learn about the most common diseases in the Arab world. T

The Arab world has many diseases, for a variety of reasons, and most of these relate to the nature of society and its food and health behaviors.

The five most common diseases in the Arab world are tooth decay, depression, allergies, diabetes and high cholesterol.

The reason for decaying tooth is due to a lack of care, and often eating sugary drinks and drinks.

As with depression, it is not yet known what causes it, as is other mental illness, that many biological, genetic and environmental causes are a source of depression.

A sensitivity of the system's response is the protection of unfamiliar materials, such as pollen grains, bee-bit poisoning or animal bites, the third most common disease in the Arab world.

According to the site, diabetes was also one of the commonest diseases in the Arab world, and is caused by the way in which natural symbolism occurs, and carbohydrate which gets its body from eating bread, potatoes, rice, cakes and lots of other foods, breaking down and breaking down gradually.

Fifth place, cholesterol, a collection found in every body of the body, is used to build new, healthy cells and produce hormones needed to achieve it.

Reference: Web Medicine

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