«Leabhar Zayed» lists a short list of branches of art and literature and of cash surveys

Sheikh Zayed's award for short books for Arts and Literature and Money Inspection was published at their 13th session. There were three out of 13 of the long listed jobs in the list. 3 out of 9 worked in a short list of the Arts and Money Inspection. Sub-The long lists of the two awards departments were announced last December.

The shortlist of the literary media incorporates the "Tartar" novel by Nizar Abdel-Sattar from Iraq, published by "Hachet Antoine / Nofal" 2018, and the novel "Divers of Ahqaf" with the writer Amal Al-Faran from Saudi Arabia. There is a real revival and creation "by the writer Bensalem Hamish of Morocco, published by the Library's Cultural Center for publication and distribution in 2018.

In terms of the degree of the arts and of cash checks, the short list is a n; including the two books «Three-dimensional conversation studies in contemporary Arabic literature» for the researcher d. Samar Al-Deeb from Syria, Sharjah Division of Culture, 2017, and the book «A & # 39; writes killing in the ancient Arabic literature »the researcher d. Amna al-Rumaili Al-Waslati à Tunisia, Dar Zeinab for Publishing and Distribution, 2018, and the book «New Arabic poetry: Pride poetry» with the researcher d. Charbel Dagher from Lebanon, Information Forum, 2018.

He is aware that the Arts Branch has given these partners for the sixth year of the series, with 382 partnerships, while receiving the Arts and Money Studies this year's 151 participation. The prize lists short lists of other branches in the coming weeks.


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