Learn about the basic features of Parkinson's

Professor Rüdiger-Hilker-Rogendorf said that the usual indicators of Parkinson's, such as the hands of shaking and slow motion, are not the main symptoms of the disease, also known as “paralysis paralysis.” T

The German astronomer explained that key symptoms of Parkinson's do away with sleep problems, less odor and poor eyesight.

Therefore the doctor should be advised immediately after these symptoms are repeated and for a clear reason.

Halker-Rogendorf added that Parkinson's was a favorable disorder that affects the central nervous system, which is adversely affecting the vehicle system.

Although Parkinson's is not cured, early diagnosis helps to control drug problems, for example, and other treatments such as physical therapy and Occupational Therapy.

Occupational therapy is designed to deal with the daily life skills of people who have physical, brain or mental problems by developing and revising their capabilities before or falling from falling and falling. Going down.

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