Lebanon … Prophets on Independence anniversary

Hundreds of Lebanese citizens and activists took part in a march in Beirut to protest against corruption, government breakdown, pollution and social crisis and emergency. The show, which carried the slogans: "On independence from your benefit", alongside the official celebration of the Lebanese Independence Day for the French Mandate. And they built a slogan during the show, which dealt with the electricity and water file, social security and unemployment.

Young men and women signed signage to & # 39; read "$ 36 billion paid for electricity brought back to candlelight," "plenty of leaflets to pay for your contamination," "pretty quiet, the political class is disgraceful and pollution, "a & # 39; opposing her & # 39; Math, with collection of corrosion files and political and financial scandals.

The participants added to anger the way in which the political forces could handle the file; creating government, and with everyday and citizen issues. Beirut's streets flooded with sewage a week attacked grass of cattle after corrosion exposure and obedience to the sewage spread of several streets. town. The roads and Beirut routes were closed last week for hours due to the Lebanese military army march that was held on Independence Day, which caused many of Lebanon to disturb.

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