Marian Azar sends the tool to launch the "Marriage of the oldest people" campaign all over the world

03:59 PM

Saturday 09 February 2019

Write me – Mira Ibrahim:

MP Marian Azar, Chair of the Youth and Women's Committee of the International Parliament for Tolerance, set the way to reduce the "marriage of young people" in the Arab world after consulting by a deputy parliament from A number of Arab countries in a program framework made by the Canadian Embassy in Cairo and the Canadian Canada Market.

Marian Azar in a speech in Beirut on Saturday said there are important steps to prepare the campaign. Initially, explaining the basic applications and messages of the campaign, such as to # 39; commit crime to the partners in this activity and delete them; any deficiencies in the different laws.

"The next step is to identify the people involved, including politicians, parents, clergy and the people who suffer themselves," she said. "After that, the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign will be explored through the analysis of the information."

The next step is to identify the partners, ie the parties or people who support this issue, including politicians, media and civil society. This step is a & # 39; Continue to identify inconvenience numbers, because they need to be guided by them to give them strong support.

Marian Azar said, following these steps, that tools that can be used in the campaign, such as video and network sites, will end up with a presentation of the action plan based on the previous steps, which & # 39; begin to capture detailed data and statistics about the breadth of this truth and areas where it is; spread and finishing He launched the campaign.

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