Nadine Nassib Najim talks about her age and the secret she has gone. This is what she said to the birthrs of her clothes!

In an interview with Hamad Shaw, writing by Miss Lebanon Al-Saqa and her actress Nadine Naseeb Najim that her father and mother, Tunisia, have discovered her origins, showing that her beauty is considerably larger than t Tanzania of the Lebanese as it is very similar to her mother's family.

“I'm 34 years old and I'm 40 years old to stop working as I feel comfortable,” said Najim she was planning to go back and plan t for the future.

"I think in the 40s that I have time to relax and spend more time with my children and we travel and pray, especially when they are teenagers."

Najim told investigators her clothes, revealing that she was accused of wearing open or tight clothing, and taking no sympathy for bold representations, causing opposition to her, "Oh freedom, no freedom. "

“I don't like hidden things, I prefer everything being open, and we have some minds of the society that we have to be aware of. ”

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