New feature from Firefox browser videos

Mozilla, Firefox owner, will start to & # 39; video obstruction and audio redesign later this year.

She confirmed that the new feature in the Firefox 66 version will appear to update Firefox updates and updates to the Android system, and it is expected to launch it on March 19.

Mozilla has said on her website that the next page prevents any audio or video from working without the user's request, and that's the case. means that the user must click on the "Settings" button to allow the beginning of the content, indicating that the new feature is </ p>; including the sites used by the user Running it automatically as YouTube or Netflix.

Users can hamper sites where the user would like to switch to a default, and a code in the URL bar will have to stop auto-blocked blocks and, Click on it, it will show a list that allows users to change settings.

Firefox will also allow video to appear on sites that have access to the # 39; camera and microphone, the site of video conferencing sites, and work without breaking.

Mozilla has been blocking all self-content content for a while now. Last year, name its company that Firefox was no longer in & # 39; authorization is allowed to try to reduce depressing notices that would eliminate the message without permission. Apple's Safari runs to the media that will run; run automatically.

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