New York Dogs Museum – Time

Museums are seldom focusing on dogs, despite some of the amazing presence of them as well as celebrities. But a new museum has been opened in Manhattan dedicated to its image. This city, which is special for the particular treatment of these species. The American Kline Club shows a variety of activities with different levels, as well as interactive displays.

The opening time to the beginning of Westminster Week, the winter-run annual dog fèis and attracts the joy of dogs from around the globe, ends in the next month with the Dog Westminster Show, who "chooses" best "at an exhibition at Madison Square Garden. The collection contains more than 2,000 images, pictures and images, and it's a including works that record how ancestors of dogs in the 19th century and previous centuries have appeared, and including a skeletal returning to Belgrade Go, a hunting dog that died in 1888 and was involved in the development of its genre.

The museum's visitors will look at the pictures as if they were going to see them. look at a dog display, which criticizes the pictures, & # 39; look at how they were painted, etc., says the museum director, Alan Fossel, who has a private device before being put into the museum in 2018.

Illustrated dog paintings before Victorian times aimed at hostile corporate nature, 19th century photography, to the work of the 20th century, which showed animals more and more naturally.

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