Ober Karim's shopping … how he affects service in the Arab world

Arab Arab Arab people woke up the biggest deal in a range of technology and service applications in the Middle East, where the international transport company "Ober" announced that it had been bought for the delivery company. T UAE "Karim" worth $ 3.1 billion.

Under terms of business Karim will be wholly owned by Ober, and will work as an independent company under the brand of Karim Trade and under the guidance of its founders.

2020 ".

The Ober all new agreement gives Karim the move, deliver and pay across the Middle East, which is an alternative to public transport services.

According to official estimates, the number of Ober and Karim users reached about four million in Egypt alone, and there are about 175,000 Egyptian drivers in the number of registered drivers only in 2018. T .

Saudi Arabia has also submitted a major investment plan for this type of transport within the 2030 UK view to make different income streams different. $ 3.5 billion from the Saudi rich sovereign property in June 2016 in the company. t

Dr. But of course. Hassan Mahdi, Professor of Transport at the University of Ain Shams and an adviser to the Egyptian Transport Committee say that Ober and Karim services have a positive impact on making citizen transition easier within towns as a result of security and the reliability of transport services t intelligent cityscapes in bright towns.

Mehdi's prediction is that the services created "Ober" Karim will be influenced by market equipment and will not have an adverse impact on the user, indicating that a land transportation and control group is being established. T education service in general. It has been approved by the Warrant Room and is built to ensure the competitiveness and quality of private transport.

Mr said. Abdulrahman Al Tarifi has a focus on the extension of Ober and Karim, providing space for small groups.

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He said the company had overcome the difficulties that were in the Arab countries and was one of the largest companies before receiving "Ober".

“The scope of technology companies and Ober and Karim is one of the largest talks in the Middle East, the starting point for the Arab countries entering this area," said Hamdi Al-Jamal, head of proceedings. economic at Al Ahram Al Arabi.

It became a belief that the contract will change transport philosophy and that motor car importation could be affected, especially after the boycott initiatives were introduced.

Al-Jamal expressed concern about a monopoly in Ober for Arab markets, but stressed the importance of these concerns due to the ability of a new competitor.

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