Opera plans Reborn 3 from its browser with a new design and a sporran …

Oprah has announced that the 60 web browsers, the Reborn 3 code, will be published, and it comes with a new crisp design and new features.

"Reborn 3 is designed to improve people's confidentiality and security, and to give them an opportunity on Web 3, Fill the future," said the Norse company in publishing on its blog. "Through this publication, we believe we are setting a new standard for browsers. In the Reborn overall series, we challenged the browsers of today to give you the features we are offering. improve your online experience. "

The solution to the Reborn 3 features the new, Opera-generated, front-end design, the third version, and the new Crypto Wallet, which Oprah said: t used for encrypted money. 3.

Oprah said: "We believe that these features should be a new level for browsing, and users should not take anything less." After all, it is the browser. the most important request you are connecting to the internet for many hours a day.

According to the company's publication, you can synchronize the encrypted package in the Opera browser desktop version with the browser purse in the Android system. Oprah says that this means that the keys to the purse remain on the day, avoiding any financial activity, in principle, then the phone's presence, and then open the phone to open the phone. Proof, which can be regarded as a 'bilateral declaration' between the computer and the phone. t

Oprah first introduced this feature in June 2018, when it encrypted an encrypted package with the Android browser, and officially launched it in August 2018, when it was finished; that he would come to her last. To send browsers out.

The new version of the Opera browser can be downloaded for personal computer systems Windows, And the system Mac OS, And the system Linux.

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