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Prices of local commodity trading materials on Sunday, February 3

Prices of local building materials, from «Iron, concrete and chalk»Stabilization, in market markets, Sunday, February 3, 2019.

««News today»Prices, based on the latest sales prices sold in the Egyptian market.

Prices of concrete concrete

The price of the diameter is 828 pounds per tonne. B & # 39; The average price of Aswan Cement is 805 pounds per ton. There was a 820 pound diameter spray per ton. The Shoura clay was 805 pounds per ton. The burial price of 800 pounds per ton. South Westerly

The average price of the Egyptian descendant Beni Suef LE 850, reached the 805 pitch, the Suez Cement 805 pound, b & # 39; Beni Suef 810's military fragment, and the Tora and Helwan reach 813 not.

Prices of white artificial

The average price of a white clay of 1900 not is a white 2025 not, and Super Sinai is in 1900 pounds, and £ 1925 is £ 1 per tonne. White Oasis is 1875 per tonne.

Prices of mixed artillery

The average price of a mixed diameter 723 not every duck, a 723 pound colt spray per ton, length & # 39; The Oasis Frame was a record of 723 not every ton and a # 39; save a diameter 723 not per ton.

Increasing bleeding prices

The average 8,000 pounds per tonne per capita price, Assiut resistant series 868 pounds per ton, Suez cement "Water" 848 not every ton, and 852 pounds; Spaniard attack every tonne.

Charcoal prices

The prices of the chalk were set up, with Al Balah's plaster recording 820 pounds per tonne. Gibbs sent an international 735 pounds per tonne, length & And gypsum got 790 pounds per ton. Egyptian bird was 765 pounds per ton.

Local iron prices

Egyptian iron price 11,000 and 600 pounds per tonne, and Cruy Ezz 11,000 and 750 not, 11,000 and 600-pound iron port, and Iron Attia 11,000 and 600 pounds.

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