Real Madrid News: Real Madrid's players value the download of Solari

I would not miss if I said Spanish Real Madrid between Real Madrid andBarcelona This is the biggest and most important match in the football match each year, the competition, which is similar to many competitions, which is proven by many aspects of its impact and as a result on that.

The King of Spain Cup coupled a successful news release to football fans, and as a result of a classic backdrop between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the finals.

Real Madrid has been in the last three years in a season that is so sorry for his & her; club, which has so far suffered bad results locally and even in Europe through the level of the European League group.

There have been a number of negative numbers, disaster results and an unsuitable spot in Real Madrid season to date, with a Spanish spouse Julien Lopegeti a few months after he was appointed to put idol French Zinedine Zidane forward.

Lopegeti was saved by his classic, losing a bad impact and a bad shot was put to five points against a Barcelona tour; The first round of a Spanish league championship at Champ Nou and eliminated days after that, and so the Argentine young coach Santiago Solari was settled instead.

The Alcásico decided what happened to Lopetigi, who also made a very frightful result, but the Barcelona match finished the chances of leaving it; formerly a former Spanish coach with Real Madrid, and was placed at Clasico.

The beginning of Santiago Solari was more precisely, with some of the most impressive. Zinedine Zidane's new project and Florentino Perez's governing team decided to refuse Lopegeti's decision and to serve Argentinian youth early in the season before it was too late.

Good results At first, Lopegeti was converted from a temporary coach to a new technician director for Real Madrid's first team with a permanent contract that will, runs until the summer of 2021.

But by stepping down the games, Real Madrid has dropped in many home and away experiments and games, wondering whether Real Madrid has just returned or started.

Real Madrid has returned to recent advanced results and has recently added the gap with its Atletico Madrid community, but it has a problem. Continue at least whether Real Madrid or European camps go ahead.

Barcelona is the most popular Classic and the biggest game and the most important event to evaluate a player or coach or a whole team, and this is a real time for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is experiencing three times in less than 30 days in Barcelona, ​​testing of the quality of the team and the coach in particular after leaving Ronaldo in the summer and the start of the crash season by Julien Lopegeti and his post after two months and the Santiago Solari post.

Real Madrid has a great chance to hold a title at least this season if they are successful in getting out of Barcelona from the King Cup semi-final, in a season that will be a great deal. ; Awareness of the club is unlikely to be after the difficult and first episodes.

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