Renault says that Omani's distribution was suspicious when Hitler was governed t

(Reuters) – Renault notified French protesters to make suspicious payments to Omani's business partner at Renault-Nissan under former chief executive of Carlos Ghosn, two Reuters stores said.

The results are generated by an internal survey by the French company after Gabion has been held in Japan on financial abuse in April in the Renault partner in the alliance t .

According to the two sources, which the study examined thoroughly, a Renault check showed that the company had paid millions of pounds in what was said to be the inspiration for the Omani distributor Until Bahwan for five years from 2011.

Nissan has already shown that his regional branch paid more than $ 30 million more money to the Bahwan Automotive Saheel, as reported first in January.

The evidence, sent to French politicians late last week, shows that most of the money was transferred to a Lebanese company under the control of people associated with Gosn, and the stores. T that.

Renault Frederic Tuxier said the company had no idea. The procurator fiscal did not reply to French requests for views. The carriage was not always available for comment. The French French lawyer or an American-based spokesperson had not replied to requests for views.

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