Ronaldo: Everyone looks at us because we are the best

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Juventus, defended his team after the negative results of the second game were held, and the last Saturday before Pharma.

Juventus has been on the outskirts of Session A with a 3-2 cross at Parma Saturday in the second round of the Serie A. Although the team of the Cup left the Italian Cup in the finals , after having to & # 39; finishing Atlanta 3-0 at Atletico Azure in Italy.

Cristiano Ronaldo, in a statement illuminated by Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, said his team was deserving of victory in Parma, controlling the opponent and most of the time . "We've been fantastic," he said. We were deserving of winning and not having a # 39; draw. I'm not sure with that result, but that football is. "

"Indeed, I'm happy with the two goals, not the result. The team faced both technical mistakes, which led to a loss of loss from our hands."

"I think Parma did not offer anything special to the meeting. We've created this situation. We went down the game and we got two goals in time sorry."

"We do not have any tiredness, but we know that everyone looks to us, because we are the best team, we are calm and we are confident about a good year, there is no worry we have a special season, "said he.

The Juventus campaigns and campaigns were able to win a comfortable and comfortable price for Parma 2-0, 3-1, with the wishes of Cristiano Ronaldo and finally finished 3 -3 on Saturday.

Massimiliano Alegre coach came into the game with rock spirits after losing his hope. sucks by sending a & quot; Cups in the last four seasons, with great loss on Wednesday to Atalanta.

The "old woman" appeared in a way to bring her balance back quickly after Ronaldo put her on 3-1 to get an award on her. His first Juventus player was to visit 17 or more visitors in the league from French David Trezeguet in 2005-2006 (completing 23 visits) Parma returned from a distance and took a & Thanks to Ivorian Gervinho, which reduced the difference in the # 39; Fourth hour and then he took hold of the same in a stop.

Cristiano Ronaldo is growing in an Italian stadium, with Don as the leading player in Alcatelo. Visit 17 visits, with a visit from Fabio Quarliarella, who opposes the producer.

Ronaldo moved to the summer summer Bianconeri team, which came from Real Madrid in the & # 39; contract, a contract for the next four years, in the contract of spending more than 100 million barley of the Italian currency.

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