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Samsung takes the barriers in the Galaxy Note 10 folder

Samsung is preparing for the state-of-the-art mobile device, the Note Galaxy 10, which this year launched, which is going to include major redesign as the first smart phone. footwear from South Korea company.

The company aims to sell it on the smartphone as a phone for sharpening, without any button on the front or the front.

The report, which was distributed by ETNews, said that design without a button display can justify the phone.

The design is set to become a key technology in the future smartphone market, but it's still unclear how power boots and power buttons will be put in place.

According to the report, the smartphone will take a full interface to the movements or capacitive buttons beside the edge of the machine, similar to those shown on the most recently available HTC phones.


Topics that you have read now:

Samsung has developed technology that can turn the power on and out, extending or decreasing the number without affecting any button.

The company plans to introduce the technology first on low and low smartphones, such as the Galaxy A series, to capture customers and see how they can impact.

The South Korea giant is considering collaborating with NDT, one of the technology makers "from the buttons", which make up non-boneless units that use ForceTouch philosophy to identify weight strength.

The company has introduced and moved the forward of the keyboard sensor button to give the phone a clearer view and style, and the next logical step is to replace the corporate buttons also.

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