Samsung will be launching Galaxy A80 … and it is one of the first markets in the UAE

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Samsung has been named that the UAE will be one of the first countries to see the introduction of its new Galaxy A80, which was designed to allow users to keep up with the lifestyle and enjoy life-changing experiences. The device is well equipped with: innovative which: has an unlimited screen and the first camera with two rotors and a smart battery.

"Modern users are turning to using their smartphones especially to capture their daily lives by taking photographs and streaming video live across the networks." Tariq Sabbagh, Head of Information and Mobiles at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said. "The Galaxy A80 with technologically advanced cameras will provide unique experience and a loudspeaker lens in the way users want to use the three lenses, either as a front or back camera, and make sure that sacrifice shall be offered. " t

ATo take pictures of the world just as you see your eyes

The Galaxy A80 is equipped with Samsung's first visiting camera, allowing users to take photos of the world around them easily. When users select the Silvi method in the camera, the three cameras automatically appear behind the phone and turn.

With 48 megapixel cameras, users can take animated pictures during the night and day. Provides a 3D rear camera from Galaxy A80 The ability to hit videos with a direct focus by scanning the targets required to identify the measurement and depth. It is designed with a very wide angle lens with the same visual angle as the human eye, so that you can see great views where you are.

Super Steady Digital Capture can help you unravel your images by falling down critics to ensure video hunt is professional and professional, and with other smart camera features such as landscape enhancement that recognizes and develops up to 30 views, Automatically correct before you click, make sure you do not lose a full image.

Enjoy moving multi-media experience

With the revolutionary camera, users can enjoy incredible experience of Samsung.Tha's Galaxy A80's Infinity exhibition, with presentation 6.7 “FHD + Super AMOLED, impressive, giving you immersion content. in all games, videos, images and stories.

Dolby Atmos allows you to enjoy audio material with excellent experience in 360 degrees when using Bluetooth tapes or speakers.

Wait longer


The Galaxy A80 3,700 mAh battery, with a 25-watt high cost, keeps a longer connection with you and gives you more freedom by allowing you to cut your phone quickly – without break from the world around you.

The new phone also features a smart battery which recognizes your daily patterns and use of your application to make your phone more efficient. A Responsible Energy Method allows users to be sure that the smart battery is working effectively to achieve the best performance possible.

You can now access what you need, where you need it with safety

Optimizer Galaxy A80 Industrial Capacity enables you to achieve a robot performance capability that will convert your battery, CPU and RAM based on your custom, allowing your phone to make better orders and run applications more slowly. soon as you need them.

Bixby Routines helps you to organize your day and better do your activities by identifying patterns of your application and investigating your habits and practices, so that you know what you do. What are the features you need when you need them. Bixby Routines practice your daily routine and your requests based on your lifestyle, such as driving or work.

With thanks to a reliable security platform, Samsung Knox is providing a high level of security for user data as well as secure storage. Users can also enjoy safe communication with the Galaxy A80, where they can use the Samsung Pass to use applications and websites with biometric detections. To make it easier to use, the Fingerprint Scanner is installed on the screen so that users can open their phones.

The new tool also involves the unwarranted Bixby system to improve the active lifestyle of users so that the information is easier to access, and users can easily access other features such as Bixby Vision, t Bixby Home and Memorial on the way. Users can learn about the different features Galaxy uses using basic services such as Samsung Health, Samsung Pay, and others.

Enter your personality with a nice design

The Galaxy A80 is available in three colors: gold, black, and silver. The phone has pink elements, and the white version has some blue features, so the color changes depending on the direction and reflection on the light.

Sleek Galaxy A80's design ensures that it is comfortable going to your hand so it is easy to use when you're away.

This is Samsung's knowledge to launch Galaxy A80 … And the UAE from the early markets for today, we hope we've given you full information and information and follow all our news stories that you can subscribe to your system alerts or one of our different systems for providing you with everything new.

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