See hey and a kiss between Majid Al – Mohandes and Asma for Menor in Riyadh

Amir Fathi wrote Saturday 6 April 2019 05:13 AM – Singer Moroccan Asma Lamnour played a concert at Riyadh in the Four Seasons Hotel. At the service, the singer sang a number of her most beautiful songs, and the audience listened to her.

A video clip was published on her account on Instagram, where she appeared on the screen and was presented to the artist Majid El Mohandes, where he met her by juggling and kissing and for friendly conversation. them to do.

"Thank you that Rotana is in Abu Fawza's for the wonderful organization, and Balakh and creative friend Prince (along with Khoya Al Ghali) brought me together Majid Al Mohandes and told the audience in Riyadh, who makes Allah. We are happy to see you.

She sang to the audience Saudi about the songs she appears at the service, in which she says: "Ahbabi in Saudi Arabia and Shaabini are the richest in Riyadh's concert." on 4 April? "


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