Shaomi Noti xiaomi note 7 is coming from Egypt and this price

World's leading technology company, Shawomi, announced that Redmi Note 7 was launched, the latest phone for Redmi Note.

The Redmi Note 7 has the same features as the large screen and the life of the extended batteries. The phone takes pictures with new smartphones in this price category. As well as the Redmi Note 7, Chaumi launched Mi 9, Redmi 7 and Mi Wireless at the latest. Pad, and built in Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth Speaker Mi.

The Redmi Note 7, the largest design change for this collection, is newly decorated with the Gorilla Glass Corning protection cover, Dot Dropte's screen 6.3-inch and ratio 19.5: 9 with resolution. 2380 x 1080 FHD +; The best view in this area is achieved by high pixel density and 84% color color with NTSC color.

In Redmi's Note 7 the detector is Samsung GM1, CMOS and 48-megapixel. When you capture images, the sensor uses Samsung's Tetracell technology, which connects four pixels to work as one 1.6 micrometer, more light awareness The pictures are 12 megapixels clearer and clearer, even in a poor light.

Redumi Note 7's camera includes the latest features of a voluntary stay, such as a 3 night Mi MIX method, AI Scene Detection, AI Beautify and port photos of AI, all of which contribute to the capture the coldest images, performance and battery life. Without a mistake.

The Redmi Note 7 comes with a Snapdragon ™ 660 discordant thriller, and a 2.2 MHz program processing speed ensures that there is unparalleled progress in gaming and data handling.

The Redmi Note 7 has a great life for a large 4000 mA battery, as Chaoomi is used in batteries. The battery is longer than used by most users. Rapid Rate 4 from Qualcomm.

In Redmi Note 7 there is also an IR tasting that could control many household appliances, like televisions and air devices. Furthermore, the telephone will sound with PA PAs for a higher, cleaner sound.

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Source: Sawa Agency

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