Skype passes Wattab and Instagram with this feature

Microsoft has announced that a new feature will be launched in its information request, Skype, which will allow up to 50 people to contribute to voice and video calls after its feature has been confirmed over the next few weeks. went away.

"Starting today, Skype is doubled the number of people who can join a video or group call," said the company in a Skype blog post. "Now you can connect and communicate with up to 50 people in a call at once."

With additional support for more people participating, Skype surpasses a number of other IM programs, such as Wattasab, Google Talk, Hang Out and EntGram, which do not allow many fans to voice or video .

"As the number of participants increased, we also made some changes to how those large-scale calls started," said Microsoft in its publication, "send a message to send the ringtone as a fundamental position, allowing each group member to ping to accept the call. "

The company confirmed that these messages are a simple and transparent way of receiving calls and meetings (whether that's family, friends, guests podcast or colleagues).

Microsoft started trying this feature in March, but today it is available to all Skype users around the world.

Conference calls are available on the latest version of Skype on various platforms, including desktop computers at Windows and MacOS, Android phones and iPhones, and Android and iPad tablets.

This feature appears less than a month after a new Skype website has been launched with a number of new features that will deliver HD video services, a new design panel, a new media gallery and other features.

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