Skype will now give you background information Al-Anba Newspaper

Despite a decline in the Skype conception – once the & quot; Favorite video calls – because of the applications for many messaging and free calls such as Watasab, this did not block the company's features of new features to users' attention.

The latest application of this application with Microsoft shows a unnecessary shadowy character designed to make your unregistered room or not; background information that you do not appear in front of her & # 39; party party in video calls.

Skype said that the feature is similar to the feature added to the Microsoft team chapter last year – a & # 39; Use false information to keep the focus on the convener, which also means that they will " Identifying unique features such as hair, hands and arms.

The new Skype feature, as well as the web and the mobile version, is currently offered although it does not support all the tools at present. It can be executed from Skype settings or from the video video button within the service.

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