Social protection networks for widows and separated women in the Arab world … urgent need and big challenge

The truth of women in the Arab world is quite complex and complex, especially widows and women who are separated … from social exclusion and out-of-date systems, poverty of poverty to violence against women, male culture. and social associations.

Arab citizens face many difficulties, where the need for large social protection networks for widows and divorce is growing, especially with the effects of conflict between t Middle East.

Formal estimates show there are 8 million widows across Iraq, or 35% of the population. The number of people needing emergency support programs is over 2 million, and is just the number of people t government people only 85,000. From $ 95.

The Egyptian government has said that it has been successful in providing a comprehensive network to protect the most vulnerable groups and has established programs with the Ministry of Social Union "Takaful and t urity and "hanging women" have been very successful in reducing the impact of the problems caused by poor poverty, despite the fact that the government benefits bill for women has risen in five years. t finally.

Saudi Arabia launched the largest women's support program under the auspices of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom 2030, which will provide widows, widows and separated women with support from state and Saudi states to establish small projects through loans of no interest or taxes and measures. simple.

Dr. Nada al-Jubouri, head of the Women's and Iraqry Association and a member of the Women's General Union, the "Lights and Rebellions" program requires Iraq to have a emergency plan to deal with "spoilage" widows t and women suffered, as a result of a security situation and the taking over of large areas of Iraq. Iraq … She explained that the Constitution gives a guarantee of social protection to widows, but the budget deficit and the economy that is going down are not adding to those needs.

Al Alex confirmed that non-governmental organizations are also active in this area, working in partnership with government, but their budgets make little effort, showing either international or international programs. – for example, that the United Nations program is polluted with pay and bureaucracy.

Al-Jubouri explained the rise in divorce cases in Iraq by increasing sectarianism and the many religious definitions of personal status. The law was included in law, for example by marriage t age and financial crisis.

According to Princess Hayat Arslan, the leader of the National Council for the Functioning of Women in the National Determination, Lebanon has taken significant steps in supporting women so that she has four ministers. 'ministry, including a minister in royal care.' Stressing that Lebanon groups are working to cleanse these laws.

The Princess said the National Lebanese Commission for Women's Affairs applies to female cases, but it is not necessary that anonymous jumpers are made so that effective steps can be taken.

The Princess confirmed that refugee women in Lebanon will get the most attention and ask for help in their countries if there is a safe situation for returning.

Dr. Hugh Campbell said: t Niven Kabbaj, Deputy Minister for Fidelity and Social Protection Social Affairs, says that Egypt has fought on one of the most important social protection programs for women in the Arab world, where the level of financial support has been reduced to Community Economic Ministry programs two million and seven hundred thousand women with a total cost of more than 12 billion years a year.

Kabbaj explained that the government is fully spending on this program and civil society organizations will provide databases and case studies, noting that the conditions for these programs are Women are shown to be lower than poverty line according to local studies with the ministry.

With regard to the location of Syrian refugees in Egypt, Kabbaj said that declining women were dealing with Egypt without marrying in Egypt. There are 8 centers to host women at risk from t victims of abuse and trafficking.

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