The date of Ramadan astronomy 2019-1440 in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and all the Arab countries an increasing number t

We will offer you The date of Ramadan 2019 Based on astronomical calculations in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Arab countries, where the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the National Institute for Astronomical Research, revealed the surprise of a month Sha & # 39 women, astrology after the correct calculation has been shown to have the ninth anniversary of the month of Rajab and to surprise Saman on Saturday, April 6th, and Muslims for this month have prepared for such a level of preparedness for each level.

Date made for Ramadan 2019

And about it Date of Ramadan 2019 – 1440 The Institute confirmed that the start of the holy month is on Monday the 6th of May in the Arab countries, where Hilal is born every month at six minutes and six Cairo the day after the vision. and so the moon will not be visible on Saturday 4th May, where the moon will be 25 minutes before the sunset in Cairo and 22 minutes in Mecca, meaning t that the winter of Ramadan is impossible to prove at that time.

The start of Ramadan 2019

And the carrying month of Ramadan for this year is the first few days of the saint's month in the near future, where the time between sunrise and sunset is fifteen and three minutes. , and the steady increase in daytime overtaking the third day of June five and forty two. It is notable that the acceleration of the time will be steadily declining in the coming years to the month of Ramadan in the spring and winter.

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