The Egyptian doctor points out that the Sulayman is injured

Does Ahli lose to the top? Mohammed Abu Ela replied

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Amr Al-Sulawiya, Egypt and Al Ahli, the park in the center, lost a friendly game that brought the Pharaohs yesterday before Nigeria, at the end of the team's camp.

The game ended with Nigeria's same goal, which only got seven seconds after a protected batch of Ahmed Fattouh.

National team doctor, Mohamed Abou Ela, said Sulayem had lost the game after complaining of knee pain after Niger challenged him, and so he preferred find it.

Doctor Pharaoh proved the player's current situation is good, so he will not be facing the upcoming meeting between Ahli and Zamalek.

Zamalek – First year Derby sees big crime

The Pharaoh's mission came to Cairo this afternoon after the camp, which opened on 20 August, and challenged Nigeria before Nigeria, to complete the 2019 African Cup winner, which ended in draw 1-1.

Al Ahly is preparing to face Zamalek on 30th March, in the 17th position of the Premier League.

The Reds are runners-up with 53 points, followed by two points behind White directors.

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