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The football balance is slowly wrecked in Cuba for the benefit of football

I went into the sitting rooms over the television screens and I locked their place inside the houses. Shortly, she started coming to the streets, raising the enthusiasm of the boys and shouting "Gul!" #Ball_foot, the world's first game, was launched in & # 39; Sporting sports hanging crowned in # Cuba for over a hundred years: # Baseball.

"There's a football here at the bottom, and now it's up to the bottom," # 39; Tell Humberto Nicolas Reyes AFP.

Reese's story is full of sadness, as it is not, and the person has spent the age of 40, teaching football or "Belota" youth skills, as you know in Cuba.

The old man believes that his disciples are many of the League Baseball American stars, such as Under Alonso and Alex Sanchez.

Reyes did not miss. Here is the training quota, which continues to & # 39; Teach the boys' resources to the boys. After going to & # 39; Someone teaches how to raise the ball from the ground with his glass, he said badly, "Almost everyone has gone to football."

For decades, baseball has been part of the national heritage of Cuba. His first official match on the island was held in 1874, and the game allowed the country to appear internationally, especially after the 1959 Communist Rising was directed by Fidel Castro and the ban that was cut by the US.

Cuba has won three Olympic legends and 25 rounded titles in football. Amazingly, the decline in the application for its game is decline when he returns to the Olympic Games at the Tokyo 2020 Games after 12 years of attendance.

According to official figures in Cuba, there are around 25,000 registered football, compared to 46,000 for football. Despite this difference in terms of interest in historical sport, football has been a woman of the scene on Havana streets.

"Today, children and young people tend to play football more than baseball," said Rafael Medeiros coach.

After being extraordinary, Barcelona or Real Madrid fans are not surprised to go on the streets with their favorite star shirts. Many of them will be awakening early to look at Lionel Messi from Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo no Brazilian Neymar.

After school hours, dance gardens and allephs turn into a "blue rectangle" in which young people are willing to go; Get involved with their favorite sporting wear.

"We play wherever we can," said Alejandro Izquierdo, who is 19, who is dream a day when World Cup reaches for the second time after the World Cup in 1938.

But baseball fans have not welcomed this event, which marks a branch to complain to an unexpected comet: the state television channel.

Eduardo Medina, 65, said: "There are 8 baseball games at 2:00 p.m., and the channel does not broadcast any of them, as long as we watch a game for Barcelona on television. "

He asks, "What does this mean, but they kill the Belota?" Before going out, follow a local football game from the Estadio Latenamerico stadiums, the country's historic heart.

Cuban television began to be the first time in 1982, with Spanish World Cup's recorded games. The Cubans were waiting for the World Cup in 1994 in the United States, to follow straight games in the main competition.

The channel is now broadcasting games just from European Championships and the European League.

Compared to that, the state channel did not broadcast US football matches until 2013, and hinders those involved in Cuban players that they saw. fleeing the country at a time when Cuba was still under siege.

Last year, the world-renowned gaming channel was broadcast from the World Series, a final series of the League League Base of the USA, despite Cuban players' partners, but this was not done again in 2018 , who attacked the curse fans.

"This kind of thing supports fans of this sport," said Pablo Diaz, 32.

The decline in the ballot ballot was shown negatively on a game level, with many talented players to play; Emigration specifically north. Cuban baseball did not play any important title from the Intercontinental Cup in 2006.

In comparing comparisons, football is also tended, and with good winners.

Baseball gloves cost up to $ 30, equivalent to a full month salary. The team needs nine gloves. Compared to that, almost not a cost to be & # 39; use its first game that has been & # 39; The world enjoys but not, and players need to be an old man and a free place.

But the Cuban authorities are sure to be balanced, certainly not on baseball costs.

It has begun to make changes to the local competition system to strengthen competition, and # 39; Ensure that the team is suitable for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The quest as part of a sport includes more than one game, including football. With the 2019 Gold Cup, which brings together teams from CONCACAF (North America, Central America and the Caribbean), the authorities put their strict rules against players who left the countryside.

The use of "traitorous" and "dissident" vocabulary for foreign players has recently declined, and authorities have opened a door to Mediros for players born or who have been born. to live outside the country.

For coaching, this is one of a series of "positive steps". But the question is: Will football be taken from his throne on football?

It seems that this is not the case, according to Medeiros.

"Baseball is the national sport in Cuba, no one will change," he says. "We need to learn how to stay with baseball."

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