The most secure stores store in the BlackBerry Frei day … Masrawy

05:36 PM

Thursday 22 November 2018

Write me – Nermin the executioner:

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunities and discounts during the Black Friday Day, which will take place on Friday, and get the most recent calls, models and others, through email marketing?

Many sources make special arrangements to get to # 39; get as many customers as possible on Black Friday, which can only be achieved by giving them the best service, so we'll be able to access them. show you the favorite stores site in the "Black Friday".

1. Amazon Website:

Amazon is one of the most famous Black Black Black Black Shop, and one of the safest options for e-shops. The site gets many orders due to its strong offers and its; The great confidence of the users in the shop.

Amazon has stated that it will add the free material for customers for two days in the BlackBerry Free, by registering your website account for 30 days.


It is one of the biggest Arab shopping sites, and has many destinations for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait. Since its inception in 2005, it has achieved millions of sales, attracting stakeholder attraction from each target country, and the site is marked by a " Allows any supplier to present its products on the site. Access to rare products.

The site offers many payment methods, shipping within 3 to 7 days, and a & # 39; offer paying through cash cards. This method is not provided by most of the retail sites; at present. You can return or replace the material for free.

Gold smell site:

With over 300 international and local notices with over 10,000 items, shops are available 24 hours a day with different pay options. You can pay on delivery, bank transfer or credit card.

4-Jomia site:

Jumia declared a reduction in the 2018 Black Frydie reduction and marked large quantities of large quantities, as well as daily gifts. He also made a Facebook page, "Jomiya_Black_Fredi", which discounts And displays.

5-Link support links.

It is one of the most common sites in China, which offers world-class best-made products with people around the world; evaluate their ideas and produce images.

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