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The next mission to the moon and Mars are strengths of women


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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Maybe the next person to have a moon will be a woman, NASA president Jim Brydenstein, thought the first man who put a foot on Mars would be a woman. .

"The next person to be seen on the moon may be a woman, and the first person on the surface of Mars may have been a female," said Brydenstein in a Friday on Science interview. T Friday on the US WNC broadcaster. "He said.

NASA's president also said that the date in the first time in history could have been missed by two women on a mission from the space station. It is the first time a team outside the station has been made by a full female team.

Anne MacLaine and Christina Koch will carry out maintenance work.

“NASA is committed to the use of a diverse and diverse talent, and we are very keen to make the first wife a moon,” said Jim Brydenstein.

Many women took part in space missions, starting with Valentina Tereshkova, a Soviet space pioneer, in 1963, and NASA had a huge number of women. But the 12 moon astronauts who served the Apollo mission between 1969 and 1972 were men. Since then, no one has come to the moon.

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