The pink and dramatic moon events in April

Monday, April 1,

A window on the world – April introduces a series of fascinating astronomical events, which can be seen at the meteorological gaze, which can be continued without the need for astronomical equipment.

These are the fabulous events happening in April 2019: t

– 5 April: The New Moon

April begins with astronomical events, when the new moon arrives in the sky, and the moon is positioned on the same side of the earth in the sun, becoming clear in the air. -night.

For the best view of the new moon, the sky appears at 8:51 am GMT.

– April 11: Mercury's visible planning

The spectators of astronomical events will be able to look at Mercury in the night sky, where the planet will reach “the west air” at the morning, and at the time. T it is at its highest level above the sky.

To see the best chance on the planet, look into the sky before the sunrise.

– 19 April: The Pink Moon

This 19th month will be a special date for each astronaut and astronaut. That night, the moon on the other side of the earth will be like the sun, which means that her face will be completely illuminated.

– 22 and 23 April: Monarchs "Lyrids"

This is the most spectacular panoramic event of April when meteors are formed with dust particles in the comic C / 1861 G1 Thatcher, a comedy first found in 1861.

Monarchs "Lyrids" perform at the highest level, usually about 20 meteorites, so they're a good chance to see them.

The meteorites are excluded from the Lyra collection, including the "Lyrids".

To get a better view of this fascinating event you need to move away from areas of light pollution and follow from places like the country.

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