The political disagreement depends on the identification of Lebanon on the 75th anniversary of independence

A new government that is committed to implementing the reforms of more than $ 11 billion will be prompted by international donors to make structural repairs required from the end of the year. a 15-year civil war in 1990.

Lebanon is not a stranger political situation and it usually takes months to create a government, but economic pressures have been in place; worried the country.

Abu Ali, 48, in Beirut said: "A state of fun … similar to the sea." Usually, walking from the sea is one of the few public places in the capital, but there is a smell of sewage and sorry that is in the city; sail on the waves that memorize many government failures.

President Michel Aoun recognizes the unfortunateness of the citizens in a speech; celebrating an anniversary anniversary of a French career in 1943.

"Libanus's people are acutely frustrated and they almost do not make the most of the fallen interests," said Aoun Wednesday. "The decision makers are uncomfortable with their concerns, their rights, their rights and the broken bankruptcy."

He said his country is now not spending more emergency time in terms of government creation. "I have all the demand for all officials, parties, events and events on this national event, which burns with pride and pride in our hearts, removing our differences and putting on our personal interests outside and showing a sense of responsibility of those who are responsible for their presence and his family good to the people of Lebanon. "

Aoun did not provide any solution to protect the emergency. The current obstacle is to represent Sunni Muslims in the government, and it is expected that 30 portfolios will be allocated in accordance with share quotas.

Hezbollah wants one of the six solicitors of the Sunni in the parliament to go to; get legal advice.

Hariri has refused to provide one of the custody records for her own Sunni party and a large group has not abandoned any training as well.

Foreign countries often consider Lebanon as a theater for their competitors, and exploiting divisions between Islamic and Christian sections who also ask outside support to help them in their debates.

These facts have been a great guide to the degree of independence in Lebanon's independence; questioned.

"Everyone is proud of independence, they are independent of colony and external relations," said Elham Mubarak, a participant in the campaign.

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