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Jeddah – By Talal Al-Hamoud – The Saudi Sultan Al-Sabhan poet, “Amir na Bàird”, won the poem and crowned it in the eighth year of the TV competition which the committee organized for the management of festivals and festivals t heritage and heritage programs in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Al-Sabhan said in his address to Al-Arabiya.net: "I give my country, Saudi Arabia, the title I deserve. Thanks and thanks to the people of the government and the people and people who have contributed to the charity." I support and support all those who support me.

Al-Subhan said that this competition is a violation of the aim and ambition of many poets. “I have come forward to gain more light, showing my experiences for the biggest audience I can, and I am sure I will be proud and proud to be. good examples at all levels. "

For the most difficult stages he suffered in the competition, he explained that the single most difficult one for the finals was the addition of one poet from the four poets; competitions at every level are not straightforward. "


Love of 16th century poetry

“When I heard the jury speech and praise, I felt a lot of hope and satisfaction,” he said.

Al-Sbahan said that his relationship with poetry began at the age of 16, and his reading took a great part in setting his tale as he said it.

“But no-one rejects the positive impact they have on literature, the poets and their audiences,” said the bard, who made a competition to win the title.

Al-Subhan refused the bias of the bards and showed that it was more likely to use the beautiful text, and that the truth is full of bards who write poetry.

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