The UAE economy grew to 1.7 per cent in 2018

Data showed that the UAE economy grew by 1% by 2018.

In line with the projections of the National Accounts results of the FET in 2018, the overall results of the initial estimates of the nation's macro-economic indicators show that the overall domestic output grew with Total fixed prices are 1.73%. 2018 compared to 2017.

UAE's economic growth grew to 0.8 levels in 2017. Bloomberg news agency expected growth in 2018 to 2.9 per cent.

The overall household result (GDP) for the year 2018 at 14.54 billion tonnes (392 billion dollars) is thought to be at a rate of 1418 billion bits at the end of 2017.

"Growth in the nation's economic performance has been determined by a rise in the oil reserves arising from an increase in global oil prices, and a growth in oil-sector activities on the UK. T The reverse side said the group Minister for Economy Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri.

He said that these economic outcomes and trade will deliver on the results of economic diversification and the benefit of all trade and investment opportunities that contribute to the state's economic income and contribute to its performance. at regional and international levels. ”

For those economic sectors contributing to GDP, the data showed that the activities associated with the removal of crude oil and natural gas contributed to around 25.9% and that large-scale commercial activities contributed to the diversification of activity. sales of 11.2% were sold. Financial services activity was 2.9%, with 8.9% construction activity and 8.3% construction and construction activity. The Public Administration, Defense and Social Security department indicated that it was going to a greater level of 6.9% with GDP.

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