The union of united customs at the Arab Economic Commission register

Headquarters of the League of the United States in Cairo

Headquarters of the League of the United States in Cairo

The Economic and Economic Council Economic Committee concluded with the UAE partnership in preparing a draft agenda for the 103th session of the Council at the senior level of Wednesday and Thursday ministerial levels under the chair of Sultanate of Oman.

Mohammed Saleh Shalawah, Minister for Economy and Ahmed bin Sulaiman, Director of Economic Affairs at Ministry of Defense, included the UAE's representation.

The draft agenda comprises 11 economic and nine social issues, and it will Most of them are the economic and social files that will be presented to the Arab Arab Assembly in the end of the next month.

Dr. Thamer al-Ani, leader of the Arab Economic Relations Department of the League of the United States, has discussed a number of economic issues over two days with Arab and Arab Economic Council representatives.

He went on to say that the main steps are to complete routes and Arab economic integration routes, Greater Arab Area of ​​Commerce and the requirements for establishing a united Arab craft union, which is the focus of the 103th Session of the Council Economic and Social

Al-Ani said that the Council's agenda in the Arab countryside has a high priority, especially since investment is a major economic development in the Arab world.

He stressed that the Arab countries are preparing a new agreement for Arab investment, which includes all economic development in the world, and Most of these are the fourth economic outbreak, "Digital Economy and Knowledge", to keep pace with the major developments in the world of investment.

He said that the new agreement has regard to new principles and objectives in economic investment and development, as well as the sustainable development objectives of Arab countries.

Al-Ani stressed that the Committee will continue to implement Summit Arab-Africa decision making at a & # 39; A fourth session held in Equatorial Malabo-Guinea in November 2016, especially in terms of economic and trade, saying that African nations represent the strategic depth of the Arab nations.

He stated that the Committee will continue to implement the implementation of a Declaration of Riyadh issued by the Fourth American and South American Meeting held in Riyadh in November 2015.

It has highlighted the importance of Arab cooperation with countries from South America in the framework of the cooperative tool taken from its & The first conference held in 2005 in Brazil.

Al-Ani also spoke about the amendment of the legislation of the Arab Ministers responsible for the Environment and continuing to implement a sustainable Arab agricultural development strategy for the two decades of the period 2005-2021 and its # 39; Continue to implement its framework plan for a second-level Arab Emergency Security Program. 2017-2021 ".

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